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JennY Plant

Latest Release

Latest Release

Jenny Plant Better off alone.jpg

British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jenny Plant creates a timeless sound layered with her distinctive soulful voice. Jenny has most recently had her track ‘Shadow To Dust” synced on Love Island and her new release of “Better Off Alone” on the BBC/ Netflix series “Red Rose’ from the makers of 'Sex Education'.

She is also making waves as a composer and singer in the media world being involved in award winning soundtracks for video games and winning the Abbey Road film music scoring competition. She was the featured singer on BB’s Theme, the title track from the highly celebrated video game Death Stranding (Kojima Productions and Sony Entertainment), which has been streamed nearly 7 million times and for which Jenny won Best Soloist at the VGMO Awards. Most recently her voice has appeared on the Disney show 'Adventures With Bertie Gregory' and appears on the soon to be released 'Little Mermaid' remake. 

Jenny Plant is one step away from being on everyone’s playlist. She has the voice, the songs and the image to be a star. For me though, it is the connection between vocals and keys that brings her unique magic'' - Nigel Williams, Jazz FM







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